Sauk - Govt thankful for bloodless end

    I want to be cynical here.

    May be what TPM has said is the truth from his heart, without him realizing it.

    So far, what we listen, watch and read about somebody being killed are mostly from single source outflowed through different media channels. We only listen, watch and read the top officials say this and that, the family of the victims, the "graves". Those are the indirect indicators. Do we really SEE the bodies? at least being captured and shown in official media.

    The survivor, he himself, is the SB (SB stands for Special Branch). He confirmed that he DID NOT SEE the killings took place. He only heards of a few gunshots. The media has reported that gunshots have been fired for other reasons. Please remember that how SB's have shown their performance in court relating to Anwar's issue recently?

    The big problem is that ALL OF US in this forum are not there at the scene. We discuss things based on external input to this forum and we give our opinions based on our interpretations of those input.

    If we start to discuss the blood belong to Malay, or Chinese, or India, we narrow down our discussion towards racial hatredness.

    The whole thing is an incomplete puzzle. Some experts among ourselves are required to put together pieces of information here and there.




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